Second SwAM Ocean Adaptive Management Seminar for MPAs: designating Marine Protected Areas – Engaging Stakeholders

On September 22nd, 2021 a group of nearly 60 representatives from the West Indian Ocean region participated in the second Adaptive Management Seminar for Marine Protected Areas, hosted by the Nairobi Convention and the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (SwAM). This second seminar focused on how to engage stakeholders during the designation process of new MPAs as well as in the day-to-day management. 
During the session, Mr. Jared Bosire from the Nairobi Convention framed the Seminar as one of the actions in line to address the challenges and recommendations identified in the MPA Outlook report, officially presented on July 16th and available here
Following that, three excellent case studies were presented by Vatosoa Rakotondrazafy from Indri and the Mihari Network (The case of the Locally Managed Marine Areas in Madagascar), by Helena Sims of The Nature Conservancy (Seychelles’ Marine Spatial Planning approach to the designation of new MPAs) and by Anita Tullrot from the Kosterhavet National Park Authority (The designation of the Kosterhavet National Park in Sweden). All three cases offered inspiration and direct experience on how stakeholders can be engaged in new MPA designation processes. 
Finally, participants contributed with their own views on an interesting and enriching discussion session around three main questions: what are the key elements to ensure a solid participatory approach and buy-in by relevant stakeholders when designating MPAs? Which approaches from the case studies could be adapted to the reality in your country/site to enable or improve stakeholder engagement? and How to bring stakeholders in previously established MPAs on board to create collaboration/buy-in and ensure good and effective management?
The recording of the session, the documents presented and the results of the discussion session are available below:
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